Indea64 is much more than a designer furniture brand.

It’s a new way of understanding the relationship between men and the object. The art of creating vital experiences which transcend the product itself.

As is, Indea64 is the result of the inspiring stories from it’s great human team; a multidisciplinary group of people with a long trajectory which has united to create products full of life and emotion.

Aluminium has been our star material for years. It’s ductility has allowed us to experiment with the infinity of qualities it possesses, gifting us designs that live up to the present day.

Now is the time to defy new materials, imagine new combinations, new finishes, create new concepts for the products inspired by the desires of the people who will use them. It’s time to open up new paths in the design of both outdoor and indoor furniture, developing products with soul which always reach a fair balance in between beauty, resistance and functionality.

Indea64 is a dream come true from years of careful work based on investigation and development, as it also is the seed of a thrilling future Made in Europe, where simplicity and elegance are the main characters.