Barcino Chair: An Icon and Object of Worship

Barcino chair, designed in 1963, is recognised as Spanish Terrace Chair has become an design icon.
The book “The essential objects of the Spanish design”  published  by July Capella in the prestigious Lunwerg was recognised Barcino, as well as other anthologies of the design.

In addition, it is present in important international museums of decorative arts..

Why choose us


100% Made in Spain
We are proud to be one of the few Spanish companies that still manufacture absolutely all parts we use, and also designed and personally trade all our products all over the world.


Quality Guarantee
The quality of our finishes and materials allows us to offer a warranty of 15 years to all our furniture. As manufacturers we are able to offer a direct repair service and replacement parts for all current and historical models


Design y comfort
From our beginnings as pioneers of Aluminium Terrace Chair up to our last and most daring designs, they have been created products thinking always in the long term and comfort . Our designs are valued and present in more than 65 countries around the world.


Ecofriendly Industry
We base our production process on the basic use of green metal, aluminium, combined with recyclable materials and environmentally friendly components. Our goal: energy saving and waste minimisation .