• Imagine a day without sun

    • 08/03/2019
    • Corporative

    Imagina un día sin sol

    Imagine a day without sun. Without a trace of light, without having the possibility of feeling how the heat covers you up in Winter and how it leads you during Summer. How it makes flowers grow in Spring and how it lightens them in Autumn. Imagine a day without seeing it waking up while you are going to work or a day in which you can’t stop and contemplate the colors that grow through it while it starts to disappear.

  • Programmed obsolescence

    • 09/01/2019
    • Obsolescence

    We live in a world that has got used to making its day a day faster. We wake up in a hurry and immediately step out of the house after eating something as fast as we can. After we finish our journey we will flash into our home again in order to have a non-elaborated dinner while we fill our heads with contents that distract ourselves from the rush that we are in.

  • Indea64

    • 09/01/2019
    • Corporative

    Indea64 was born as a result of the will of 10 individuals to prosper. The will to reinvent and to continue doing what they know they are made for. Of betting for a project in which they believed and in which they still believe. Indea64 was born of the idea of supporting design in its original version, of guaranteeing the best quality in its products and appreciating craftwork and handmade work. The idea of prioritizing something produced with care and precision. Indea64 was born of the fusion of modernity and tradition, stablishing itself as a renovated classic.

  • Barcino Chair

    • 09/01/2019
    • Chairs

    The Barcino chair was created , by order of JOSÉ MARÍA LÓPEZ CAPONT for his Enterprise “INDUSTRIAS DEL CAMPING Y DE LA CASA SA” in 1964 (the Enterprise would change his name afterwards to INDECASA SA), following the briefing that JOSÉ MARÍA requested. Its commercialization didn’t start until 1965.