Barcino Chair

  • 09/01/2019
  • Chairs

The Barcino chair was created , by order of JOSÉ MARÍA LÓPEZ CAPONT for his Enterprise “INDUSTRIAS DEL CAMPING Y DE LA CASA SA” in 1964 (the Enterprise would change his name afterwards to INDECASA SA), following the briefing that JOSÉ MARÍA requested. Its commercialization didn’t start until 1965.

Mr LÓPEZ CAPONT had the vision of using aluminium in external furniture, being one of the pioneers on this field. Nevertheless, due to the fact that in that time traditional basketwork  was a way of income at the little villages from all around Spain, and the knowledge of this art was wide-ranged, he ordered the chair should profit this knowledge and at the same time create work for those who lived at the little villages.
This chair has been the first model for Spanish terraces and one of the most copied models as well as inspiring other manufacturers. This was due, not only because of its shape and materials, but also because it was one of the first multi-stackable chairs.

Today it has been recognised all around Europe and the USA as the “Spanish Chair”.
We, regarding Indea64, are very proud of being the successors of MR LÓPEZ CAPONT and of pursuing the innovation in the way it is possible with new materials that are actually incoming.

At the moment, it is one of the most commercialized chairs by Indea64 for officially signed projects, where this iconic design shares the most emblematic Projects that search for timeless and recognisable products.