• 09/01/2019
  • Corporative

Indea64 was born as a result of the will of 10 individuals to prosper. The will to reinvent and to continue doing what they know they are made for. Of betting for a project in which they believed and in which they still believe. Indea64 was born of the idea of supporting design in its original version, of guaranteeing the best quality in its products and appreciating craftwork and handmade work. The idea of prioritizing something produced with care and precision. Indea64 was born of the fusion of modernity and tradition, stablishing itself as a renovated classic.

Nevertheless, Indea64 wants more. Indea64 wants to promote its inspiration, wants to give the workshops the importance it deserves, it wants to give visibility to the trends and being a part of them.

This blog is born due to all the elements mentioned above. A corner built through the essence of 10 individuals, a corner where ideas are argued surrounded by creativity. A corner that is accessible to everyone and ready to surprise.