Imagine a day without sun

  • 08/03/2019
  • Corporative

Imagina un día sin sol

Imagine a day without sun. Without a trace of light, without having the possibility of feeling how the heat covers you up in Winter and how it leads you during Summer. How it makes flowers grow in Spring and how it lightens them in Autumn. Imagine a day without seeing it waking up while you are going to work or a day in which you can’t stop and contemplate the colors that grow through it while it starts to disappear.

Imagine day in which someone teared the sun apart from you. Imagine the feeling of not being able of sneaking into your terrace or to the balcony with a drink in order to relax. The feeling of not being able of making up the need of Vitamin D that your body demands. Mediterranean people are in an easier situation regarding the rest, we just have to step out of our house. Nevertheless, there are many places where heat and sun are limited.

The sun helps us in a physical and spiritual way. It strengthens our calcium levels, it helps our skins, reduces cholesterol, empowers our defenses… but it also improves our mood and mental state as well as providing us a better and long-lasting sleep. That’s why terraces are starting to multiply beyond the Mediterranean coasts. For something that can’t be commercialized: the gratification of a little bit of sun.