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  • Soul of blazing aluminium

    Our history isn’t a common one. It’s one of passionate vision and innovation, of hearts in love of the supposedly coldest material, of careful work based on the investigation and development to always achieve a balance in between beauty, resistance and functionality.

  • Many of our products take part in our lives, in the uncertain collective that is the whole world, in a universe which reminds us constantly with delicate nostalgia the importance of working in order to achieve the maximum quality and efficiency to obtain products of the highest durability as well as designs that live over time.

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    • Since 1964 our vocation has gone far beyond of what the consumer as well as the market demanded form us, establishing new rules in the design of both indoor and outdoor furniture, constantly defying the materials, imagining new finishes and combinations and creating new concepts for products inspired by the dreams of the owners-to-be. We have come a long way taking each stage as a lesson, and every beginning as a new opportunity to start over with all our experience as luggage.

      Indea64 is the start of a new path. A new chapter in our history in which design, technology and craftsmanship hug each other to create a new world.

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      The world is our muse. A way of braiding wicker from the Nile, an aesthetic and functional structure made in the purest Bauhaus style, the warmth of a natural Mediterranean enclave… Our passion is to pick up each treasure that the great variety of cultures and landscapes of the world bestows upon us, inspiring us in the goodness of each time, to create and produce each collection in our birthplace, a pride and a must in our philosophy to which we won’t give up. Also having in mind that to us it is fundamental being present in the whole process from tip to toe; caring for each creation, each detail and piece, one by one.

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      Using noble materials for Indea64 isn’t only a trend, it’s a state of conscience; as using highly recyclable and environment-friendly materials isn’t only a compromise, it’s a conviction. The aluminium has been for years our star raw material, making us a worldwide referent in the fabrication of furniture made out of it. Its ductile soul has allowed us to experiment with the infinity of qualities that it possesses, taking us to create many of our fetish-like designs. It’s lightness, resistance, waterproofness, natural beauty… have brought us up to where we are. Now we would like to continue pursuing new symbiosis of materials, connecting with the inner force that each and every one of us transmits, selecting each piece with thorough rigorousness. From the merging of our enthusiasm and dedication with the unique materials from each collection, it certainly looms the magic of quality.

      Infinite quality. Infinite compromise.

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      When shape and depth unites with the heart, beauty is the object; simply, it is. It’s light in each turn, each angle and each fleeting encounter. Pure sensations in the textures, emotion in each finish, combinations that like each other, vibrating colours. Organic, living and dynamic designs which awake new senses in us. Austerity and deepness. Perishable and immortal. All takes part in the same vital experience.

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      Isn’t it surprising ?

      How many spring Sundays have we had a coffee in a terrace sitting in a Montecarlo? How many ladies have been complimented while presuming of her new dress in an Oslo? How many reports have been written on a TR-04? It is as we always say: our best selling tool is our own product. Classics that continue with us after forty years. Contemporary classics. Classics made with the heart. Humanity is timeless.

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    • Indea64 is much more than a designer furniture brand. As is, Indea64 is the result of the inspiring stories from it’s great human team; a multidisciplinary group of people with a long trajectory which has united to create products full of life and emotion. Indea64 is a dream come true from years of careful work based on investigation and development, as it also is the seed of a thrilling future Made in Europe, where simplicity and elegance are the main characters.